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June 12, 2011


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james White

I could definitely see a social Tv been around by 2020 and a completely on demand service. Were you and your friend could watch Tv together and communicate through the Tv through something like skype. We not that far a way now with the kinect box


Hi James thanks for the comment-Yes I totally agree -it will be interesting to see what what developments happen through Kinectic in the future and things are developing rapidly so it may well be sooner than 2020 that we see social TV make a big impact


Great post, thanks, I learned of social tv a few weeks ago, and I started to use the GetGlue app while watching tv. I think it made watching the NBA finals interesting, my "check in's"/posts seemed to help facilatate conversations equally among my social networks on Facebook, and Twitter.


thanks for your feedback Mark good to know enjoy your social TV journey

Erika Vanobbergen

hi, very interesting article! Trying to figure out right now how fast this will go for a less mature Twitter market like I life in (Belgium) and also what the opportunities are for advertisers...
So thanks for this food for thought!


Hi Erika thanks for your comment -i am sure with the more popular programs in Belgium there will be opportunities for advertisers marketers and content producers alike-what is the uptake of twitter in belgium and are any programs using #hashtags on their programs at all yet to your knowledge?

Jay O'Conner Chairman & CEO WCNTV

You are spot on. I look forward to seeing to it that Transmedia Brandcasting become the opretive term for the monetization of streaming media for Social TV. It time for innovation it's time for Social Cinemas and TV. Google TV, Apple TV, Facebook TV. Hear me. There is so much content to be made interactive from fresh never heard of talent. Google Offers Facebook Deals represent the Economic Turn Around for the planet if we focus on creating Transmedia Revenue Share Communities in a 55 mile radius physically with global potential online. Visit the WCN Transmedia Group Blog to lean more and position your personal Cloud of Concentric Influence make you recurring Passive Income. Great Article


Thanks for your comments Jay, glad you enjoyed the article look forward to reading the blog Cheers


CNA Classes Online

This is very true. In simple words you want the right sort of visitors which will spend money when entering your website.


thanks for your comment-surely it is not always about just attracting visitors that will spend money but providing value and great service so that they recommend you to their friends and colleagues :)


Fastastic round-up. Great work.


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Thanks again soooo much!

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